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Building A Goalkeeper: Explosiveness and Speed, Part III

Written By Justin on Wednesday, April 20, 2011 | 3:23:00 PM

The physical performance aspect of goalkeeping is largely about lower body reactive movement. To that end, here's another of my favorites, the kettlebell swing. Watch the video first:

What I like about this exercise is the way it combines building explosive, reactive strength with a cardio element. Traditional squats are a great strength and mass building exercise, and as a lifetime member of the Skinny Legs Club, I include them in my training. But I feel the kettlebell swing is more directly related to athletic performance.

There's one more exercise to come in this series, and if I'm brave, I might just video myself doing it. We shall see.


Stretty News said...

I'm not a goalkeeper but I started a local kettlebell class Tuesday night and boy have I pains after it. I play on the right side of midfield but my manager advised me to work on my upper body strength recommending this exercise. I found it very good, no pain no game!

Justin said...

Yeah the great thing about it is it contributes to both lower body and upper body strength. Definitely hurts though!