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Selsport Interview Series #2: Richard Lee, Brentford

Written By Justin on Monday, January 21, 2013 | 12:30:00 PM

Brentford's Richard Lee has long been a friend to The Goalkeepers' Union. I've written about Richard for Goalkeeper Magazine and reviewed his excellent book Graduation: Life Lessons of a Footballer here last year. Along with being a pro keeper and a writer, Richard is an entrepreneur and a coach. He started GK Icon to improve the standard of goalkeeping, offering training, evaluation, and psychological coaching to keepers of all ages. Richard joined Selsport as an endorsee before this season, and took some time to chat with them. Thanks, as always, to Mark Tipton at Selsport, and to Richard.

Who has been the greatest influence on your career?
My Dad
Who do you rate as the top 3 goalkeepers in your football lifetime and what qualities did you most admire about these keepers
Iker Casillas
Peter Schmeichel
Gigi Buffon
Do you feel that the current coaching for goalkeepers in the UK is relevant to the modern game?
It is at GK Icon ;o)
If you were to play in another country which country would you choose and why?
America – I love the States.
Which types of training sessions do you prefer to take part in?
High tempo or more technical sessions low reps, high intensity – it matches what a keeper will do in a game. Explosive power is key.
What has surprised you most about being a professional goalkeeper?
How quickly things can change! Hero to zero and vice versa can happen instantly.
What are your thoughts on English goalkeepers in recent years?
We’ve got some outstanding ones. However, I do feel there’s room for improvement, although I hear GK Icon are well on their way to ensuring it does improve!
If you could choose one piece of advice that you have been given to pass on to another goalkeeper… What would that be?
Don’t be governed by other’s opinions of you. What matters is how you think, feel and act. Give everything you have to your game and be proud of it regardless of whether things are going well or not so well. Enjoy it.
If your best friend in football was asked to list your 3 biggest strengths as a goalkeeper. What would he say?
1 – Reading of the game
2 – Power
3 – Saving penalties
Do you practice mental prep skills as part of your weekly training?
Yes – I wrote a book on it! ‘Graduation, Life Lessons of a Footballer’ (how many more things can I plug here?!)
What exercises are most beneficial for young keepers to practice?
Technical exercises to give you a base to build from, then increase your power and speed. Added to that, it’s essential you ‘learn’ the game’ (positional sense) and figure out what allows you to perform to your maximum every week (thought processes).
If you were to design your own kit, what color style would you choose?
Black – I like it.
Do you have any particular rituals or superstitions before games etc.?
No. I just ensure that I eat well in the days leading up to it and get a good night’s sleep the night before, then give everything.
Your hopes any goals for the next year?
I would like to win the Brentford FC player of the year award again and for Brentford FC to win promotion.