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Written By Justin on Tuesday, December 30, 2008 | 2:57:00 PM

I found an old pic of me playing in high school in my glorious Uhlsport 031s. Look at that backhand logo - big enough to be seen from space! At a guess, I think this would have been winter (based on my 3/4 longs, and the long sleeve jersey of number five) of 1983-84. The 031 was already out of production by this point, but I had anticipated that and stocked up with three pairs the previous summer.

Despite my love affair with this glove, I never did, and still don't, like gloves with a black backhand. But the white logo on the 031 was so big that it didn't 'feel' like a black glove to me.


Unknown said...

I wonder what brand of GK shirt you are wearing?! ;)

Unknown said...

I had that very same style shirt in '85 -- came with some kind of NASA-approved silver color. Everyone figured the giant Umbro logo (padded, no less) acted as a target for shooters.

When I think of the loud tops I wore in those first ten years, I crings.