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Nike Still Sucks

Written By Justin on Tuesday, March 4, 2008 | 11:08:00 AM

I've watched with dismay here in the US as Nike goalkeeper gloves heave steadily gained popularity. By all accounts, they make a very good glove (albeit no negative cut models and only one roll finger model, but then adidas also contrives to starve the American market when it comes to glove cuts), but as a company they're the same cold-hearted bastards they've always been. Follow the link if you want to know more about their sweatshop practices, and especially if you're one of those apologists who says, "But those people need the jobs Nike gives them."

I admit I'm selective in my causes, but this one really irritates me. Nike can easily afford decent production standards, but they choose the cheap route. I love you, Tim, but Nike sucks.


BigBangBatsss said...

Yeah, indeed, they suck.
I saw your rinat comment, they are good gloves but those that you see at soccer.com are not the best. I'm mexican and I was sponsored by them and oh ma, good gloves mate. Nice blog btw, cheers!

Justin said...

Thanks, angel. Do you know how keepers in the US can get the better Rinat gloves?

furious pigeon said...

Nike gloves are pretty terrible but in uk shops it's always nike or adidas gloves. Nike gloves stitching comes apart(thanks to sweatshop kids) if you play in wet weather or artificial pitches. Whatever happend to reusch, Uhlsport and Sondico in all the shops? They used to last me months as a kid

Anonymous said...
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