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Craig Gordon Is Skinny

Written By Justin on Thursday, September 6, 2007 | 10:59:00 PM

Roy Keane spent a lot of money in the summer, not all of it wisely (Kieran Richardson??). Craig Gordon, though, was money very well spent. The Scottish keeper has been in fine form for a side that will surely need every possible point to survive.

I like Craig because he's a taller version of me - that is to say, he's skinny. He looks impossibly young, like the world's tallest 13-year-old. He's still got acne. I don't think he shaves yet. For all I know, he might still be a virgin. But leave out the Scottish goalkeeper jokes, because he's the real deal. In another year or two, I expect him to be classed with the top 4 or 5 keepers in the league.