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Trip Through the Halls Of Time

Written By Justin on Thursday, October 11, 2007 | 3:38:00 PM

When I was playing for Borehamwood FC in the Ryman League in season 1990/91, I kept a detailed record of every game I played. As soon as I got home from each game, I'd write down everything that had happened in it, and rate my performance on a scale of 1-10. I still have them, and they make (for me) amusing reading. Here, condensed for space, is an entry from Feb. 2, 1991.

Borehamwood vs Baldock Town
Weather: Cold & grey
Pitch: lovely and firm
Wind: negligible
Crowd: Small, maybe 300
Result: Borehamwood 1 Baldock Town 0

Baldock had a lovely pitch and a nice little ground, and it put us all in the mood. We dominated the first half, but didn't score. They barely got near me, though once their left winger got behind and shot wide from a tight angle...
Harry was actually pleased at halftime, but when the second half kicked off they were all over us. I had to make a good save when one of them got onto the end of a long ball. He had to collect it somewhat wide of goal to my right and I could have stayed, but I didn't like the idea of him settling it and strolling in on goal. So I raced out and spread myself and saved his shot, and it dropped nicely for me to collect...
I had a mix-up with Graeme Boy when he wanted me to come for a long cross, but I thought he was shouting at me to stay on my line. Fortunately the guy shot well wide...
With about 2 minutes left we got a succession of corners. Harry got up to one and headed it off the bar. Alan Hunter followed up and also hit the bar, and it fell to Carlton Campbell who finally rammed it home. Right after the restart one of them found time and space to curl a 20-yarder towards the top corner, but it had no pace and I was able to get across and hold it. Then another hit a 25-yard-rocket which went just over, although it was straight down the middle and I had it covered. It ended 1-0 and I was happy to get my 2nd clean sheet in a row.

My rating: 7. Not enough actual saves to merit anything higher, and I did have that misunderstanding with Graeme. A few important saves, though, and kicking was good. Cumulative rating (12 games) 6.67.