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Dida Is Worse Than Hitler

Written By Justin on Tuesday, October 16, 2007 | 1:24:00 PM

By now everyone has seen this:

It is obvious that Dida is a playacting twit. But let's not let his thespian skills obscure the fact that he was at fault for the goal (both goals, actually) and hasn't actually been a reliable goalkeeper for several years.

He should be in the prime of his career, but calamities like this keep happening (recall his comedic performance at Old Trafford last season). Somehow, they don't seem to bother his employer, one of the biggest and most successful sides in the world. Why Milan have stuck with Dida (and employ the even less reliable Zeljko Kalac as his cover) baffles me. Yes, Dida played well enough in the Champions League Final, but his indifferent performances in Serie A are one reason Milan have been also-rans in the league the last few seasons.

Anyway, Dida got a two-match ban for this, which is fitting. Maybe he'll think twice the next time he tries to cover up one of his own errors with a ridiculous piece of drama that would get him laughed off a Sunday League pitch. I hereby officially renounce Dida's membership in the International Goalkeepers' Union. I hate that guy, and so do you.


Anonymous said...

I agree that Dida hasn't been reliable based on other standards, EPL for instance, but he does fit a certain role for Milan. They are a team of age and experience, and Dida's demeanor lends itself very nicely to those team qualities. Milan are great at knockout play, and Dida is one of the reasons why, because he never worries. Is he the best no, and he never has been. Is he the best Milan could get, definitely not. However, he has brought home some silverware with them, and some of it because of him (see 2003 Champions League Final). It seems that, despite how nerve racking and ugly it is to watch sometimes, Milan has a winning formula they are comfortable with that includes Dida.