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How David De Gea Does What He Does

Written By Justin on Wednesday, March 11, 2015 | 12:19:00 PM

We've all seen the saves David De Gea can make. I took a look at some video to see what - apart from blinding reflexes and natural agility - makes him so special.

The video tool I use is called Coach's Eye. I recommend it.

Start with a recent save, in the FA Cup loss to Arsenal:

And from last season, the save from Luis Suarez:

Any questions or comments, let me know here or on twitter. Thanks for watching!


David Jcobs said...

His blinding reflexes and natural agility - makes him so special.


MT said...

Great job on "Weight forward." What fascinates me is that in order to make that save, in that manor, his processing speed must be lightning fast and fluid. He knew what type of shot was coming . . . smash.From that his instincts led him to set wide, stable, and slightly forward trusting his reflexes and strength.

For me it's the visual processing to get "ahead of time" in these moments which is interesting and trainable.

Thanks for the break down. I was led to post right after checking out weight forward. Looking forward to the others.


Jaxon Dakin said...

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Robbie Miller said...

The man is the best keeper in the world. Hands down. He is better then anyone out there. If you disagree, let me know. I would love to see a better keeper.

Justin said...

I agree 100%. Thanks for reading, Robbie!