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Grip, Part 2: Guest Post by Richard Avis

Written By Justin on Sunday, December 4, 2011 | 11:31:00 AM

Regarding how we each interpret ‘grip’, KGI is impressed with feedback related to how many of you are conscious of a foams ‘forgiveness’; the potential for holding balls you probably should have coughed up. This is what KGI refers to as the, ’Fingertip Rescue’©. The KGI defines the Fingertip Rescue as that moment when the Glove : Ball Interface is distinguished by being the difference in securing a ball you thought was getting away from you. Your brain is signaling the ball is slipping through or riding up your hands or fingers, and you are
beginning to think, ‘uh-oh’, when you somehow get a hold. It’s the soccer version of a baseball ‘sno-cone’ catch.

These phenomena can be notably appreciable on some models, while rarely experienced on others. The Fingertip Rescue is a product of the foam performance (coefficient of friction), as related to how the glove is fabricated, as related to how the glove assigns its shape on your hands, as related to your receiving posture (biomechanics).

A given glove’s propensity to facilitate Fingertip Rescue’s is a sublime intangible that factors into our assessment of performance (be it consciously or subconsciously). I speak directly to Fingertip Rescue in some of my reviews. I recently evaluated a few gloves that were exceptional in this regard (a couple of the HO models and the Brine King 6X). On multiple occasions, I laughed out loud and shook my head because I was so impressed for having somehow held a ball I thought I had had absolutely no business controlling.

Any additional thoughts on the Fingertip Rescue?


JOHN said...

Justin: first of all, thanks for posting again. We (your faithful readers) were beginning to fear the worst. "The worst" being that you´d decided to shut down the blog and leave us to our often inaccurate knowledge of goalkeeping, of course. And second of all, this is the kind of post I´m sure we all appreciate. I always thought goalkeeping more than any other aspect in football is a science. Technique, angles, calculating risks vs losses, everything can and should be perfected to the point where raw skill ends up being just the slicing on the cake. And knowing about our gloves is an incredibly important part of improving our performance. So thanks, and keep up the good work

Justin said...

Thanks John! Sorry I've been a little sporadic lately. I was in New York for 5 weeks and it made it difficult to get anything done. I'm back in the groove now. :)