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Good Things Happen Too

Written By Justin on Wednesday, March 30, 2011 | 4:49:00 PM

Following up on the post about mistakes, it's always nice to remember that things like this can also happen. Here's Paraguay goalkeeper Justo Villar preserving a 1-0 win against the United States with a stunning save in the final minutes.


Newley Purnell said...

A fantastic save. Looks like that quick little shuffle he made just before diving enabled him to get to the ball. Without that, it would've been a goal, I bet.

jossiesdad said...

Should have held it ;)

Justin said...

lol Rob!

Newley I agree, saves like that start with good footwork. I saw a slo-mo angle that showed he had to lean to his left to see around his defender, and once he saw the ball, he got his feet moving FAST. Straight from the training pitch to the last minute of an international, great to see.