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Review: Puma Goalkeeper Trousers

Written By Justin on Thursday, March 18, 2010 | 10:35:00 PM

Sorry for the inactivity around the Union. Two months of snow and rain in New York, coupled with a boring transfer window in England, left me with little to talk about. But now there's something fun to discuss: staph infections!

A teammate of mine developed a nasty, antibiotic-resistant staph infection from a friction burn he picked up playing on field turf. This is not the first time this has happened, but it's the first time I saw the results first hand, and let me just say...gross.

I decided, therefore, that unless it's over ninety degrees, I'm finished playing in shorts on field turf. I have a trusty pair of Selsport 3/4s, but even they can't completely protect my knees from friction burns all the time. I had long been missing what I consider a vital piece of goalkeeper equipment: padded trousers.

Puma makes some terrific goalkeeper gear: slim-fitting, good-looking, and comfortable. Modern yet classic. So I gave their padded trousers a try, and after a few uses, can give them an enthusiastic thumbs-up. So many keeper trousers are bulky and ill-fitting, too loose around the hips, too tight at the cuffs. The Pumas fit basically like a pair of regular, unpadded training pants. The padding is unobtrusive but extensive, especially on the knees. In fact, the padding wraps almost completely to the back of the knee. In truth, this is probably a tiny bit more padding than necessary, while the hip padding could do with being a wee bit wider. But these are quibbles.

The pants are very lightweight, and provide moisture wicking through Puma's USP heat transfer fabric. There are no stirrups at the bottom, a plus in my book (never saw the point in them), though others may bemoan their absence.

Though I'm a shade over six feet tall, the Mediums fit me perfectly, so based on that, I'd say they run a little bit big. I actually meant to order Large and made a mistake, but it worked out for the best.

They retail for $44.99, and you can get them from SoccerPro.com, right here Puma Goalkeeper Pants.

SoccerPro has a nice selection of Goalkeeper Gear and Goalkeeper Gloves . They run a lot of great promotions and sales, and seem like nice folks to deal with (very fast shipping, too). Check them out. And if you aren't wearing long pants, make sure you get an antibiotic ointment into your cuts and scrapes immediately after every game.


Groomy said...

The Puma Goalkeeper Trousers looks way too good and comfy as well. I would love to wear it for my work outs as well. I too need to purchase the Alo leggings for the morning jogs. I was just wondering if you can provide any reviews here for this brand.