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VDS - An Appreciation

Written By Justin on Sunday, June 22, 2008 | 11:30:00 AM

You didn't expect the Dutch to actually win the thing, did you?

Once again, the Oranje are out of a major tournament after impressing in the group stages. They ran into a Russian side that was younger, hungrier, and strangely more confident. From a goalkeeping perspective, Edwin Van der Sar couldn't have had a much better tournament.
It would have been great to see him win something with the Netherlands, but in the last year he has added to his resume to the point where, once he retires, he'll have to be considered in company with Oliver Kahn as the best keepers of the post-Schmeichel era. Two years ago I wouldn't have said that, but Slim Ed's form, after some wobbles in 2006-07, has only become sharper. At the Euros he was a model of composure, clean handling, and veteran coolness. Shame his side just weren't up for the challenge from the East.


beaver2388 said...

Hey man this blog is great...this is kind of out of place for this post but I wasnt real sure how to just contact the person who is running the blog, but if you do see this I have something I wanted to see if you could post up for a friend of mind who im working with he use to play pro indoor soccer his names Otto Orf you may have heard of him.
thanks man

Justin said...

I do remember Otto Orf...he played for Cleveland, could throw the ball a mile, and had one hell of a mullett! Same guy?

turnbuckle said...

I think, especially after this tournament, that Casillas belongs in that pantheon you describe. Not only has he been strong in goal, he has captained the side with tremendous leadership. Oh yeah, and the PK's against Italy...

Justin said...

Josh, I agree Casillas has been outstanding. He's not included in that group in my post because he is not close to retiring. I think by the time he retires we won't be comparing keepers to Schmeichel or any other keeper from the 90s - he will more likely be compared to his contemporaries, like Cech.