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Heroes and Goats

Written By Justin on Thursday, May 22, 2008 | 12:36:00 PM

Penalty shootouts have a way of making heroes of goalkeepers, and goats of at least one penalty taker. So Edwin Van der Sar wakes up this morning a hero, John Terry a goat (attention, British sporting press: Nicolas Anelka also missed). Petr Cech, in his hideous day-glo kit, again showed why he's rated so highly, pulling off an outstanding double save from Tevez and Carrick, and refusing to be outfoxed by Ronaldo from the penalty spot. For me he's now the best goalkeeper in the world. I'd have him in my team ahead of Buffon or anyone else. As for Slim Edwin, he looked a bit shaky at times down the stretch, but he has helped collect the two biggest trophies in football. His signing has to go down as one of Sir Alex's more shrewd pieces of business.

With shootouts comes the age-old debate: isn't there a better way to decide games? Well, probably not, unfortunately. And while it's a shame John Terry has to wear the goat horns, am I the only one who believes he slipped after making contact with the ball?


pol said...

yes he slipped big

Justin said...

There's no question he slipped, I just think he'd already made contact before his left foot went out from under him. I watched the hi-def replay a dozen times and really think this is the case, but I guess only he knows.

props2 said...

He slipped after sorry John but no excuse for you.