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Bald? Check. Fake English Accent? Check. Brilliant? Check.

Written By Justin on Sunday, April 20, 2008 | 11:28:00 PM

Brad Friedel was at it again over the weekend, turning in an absolutely amazing performance against Manchester United at Ewood Park. He denied Rooney, Tevez, and the normally lethal
John O'Shea (seriously! Ask Liverpool) as Rovers were largely overrun in the second half. The Tevez header that finally beat him, and the point it gained United, might well be a title-winner in another week or two. Nonetheless, Friedel turned in one of the performances of the season.

At the other end of the table, Ali Al-Habsi was equally inspired, and may have saved Bolton from relegation, in their hard-fought 1-0 win away to Boro. And speaking of Friedel and Boro - if you go back 5 years, there are only two goalkeepers from season 2002/03 season still holding down the number one shirt at the same club - Big Brad, and Boro's giant Aussie Mark Schwarzer. You could make a case for Shay Given, but there were times this season Steve Harper was picked even when Shay was healthy. They look and play exactly alike anyway, so what's the difference?

Later this week, goalkeeping nerves will be tested as the Champions League semifinals begin. How will Van der Sar, Reina, Victor Valdes, and the bemasked Petr Cech hold up under the pressure? We shall see.


Amir said...

That is true about Harper and Given...They're like friggin exact test tube duplicates or something. *Cue Twilight Zone Music* Seriously though...And Brad Friedel is very solid. I think he is a standard for Keeping in America...I mean Howard may play better at times but I don't feel he's consistent at times.

Justin said...

Yes amir, it's very odd. It's not just that they obviously wear the same kit. Given and Harper look alike, they play alike, they walk and dive and strike their goalkicks alike...Twilight Zone indeed! I also agree about Brad being more consistent than Tim Howard, no question about that. Thanks for reading & commenting.

chris said...

Hi Justin,

I love your blog, keep it going!

So with Brad Guzan heading to Villa it looks like American keepers in England have broken the post-Meola bald streak (though granted he's still young).