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I Interview Tony Parks and Paul Heald

Written By Justin on Tuesday, November 6, 2007 | 9:53:00 PM

In 1991, while playing for Borehamwood, I was lucky enough to join in training sessions put on by Alex Welsh, one of the top goalkeeper coaches around back then (and still today). At one such session, I brought along a video camera, and afterwards I interviewed Tony Parks - he of the penalty saves that won Spurs the 1984 UEFA Cup - and then-Orient, future Wimbledon keeper Paul Heald. Both have a lot of interesting things to say, especially Tony, who is frank about the tough times and criticism that is part of a goalkeeper's lot. Please excuse my wonky, fake semi-accent. I assure you there is no trace of this today.


ryanhowells19 said...

Great site you have here mate.

I was very suprised to find someone else who would take notes from the most recently played game.

Take a look at my blog, http://rhgoalkeeper.blogspot.com/

Hopefully you will like it and I have also added your link, if you dont mind

Ryan H

Justin said...

Thanks Ryan.I took a look at your site and like it too. I'll add a link to it here. I especially enjoyed the piece about superstitions - I used to be crippled by them, I had so many!

enigma said...

great site!

cro, 17 years, goalkeeper 2

Justin said...

Thanks cro! Best of luck in goal.