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The Hit Parade Continues

Written By Justin on Wednesday, September 26, 2007 | 3:59:00 PM

I know I'm violating the terms and conditions of the goalkeepers' union by posting all these mistakes, but sometimes things are so bad, they're kind of funny.

Matt Pickens of the Chicago Fire had been playing a brilliant game up until Jaime Moreno swung an innocent floating cross towards his near post. Despite it being well within his reach, Matt evidently decided it was going wide and let it go. It cost the Fire, in a race for the final playoff spot, two critical points, not to mention the huge confidence boost a win against the league's best team would have provided.

Matt's a good solid pro and I'm sure he'll bounce back from this mini-disaster. Although with a top quality keeper on the bench like Jon Busch, he might not get the chance.