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Expensive Gloves Are Destroying This Country

Written By Justin on Friday, September 7, 2007 | 10:32:00 AM

The complicated name of these gloves is Uhlsport Absolutgrip Exchange Supportframe Lite. They cost 70 quid in the UK, and a relatively cheap but still insane $110 in the US. Good football boots can be had for less, the difference being that boots will last a couple of seasons, whereas these gloves are good for, at best, between 10 and 20 games.

Uhlsport is not alone. Every major glove company has models near or over $100. Unfortunately, lots of parents and young keepers get duped into believing these are the only gloves worth wearing. But most companies also have quality lower priced models, fortunately, and there is at least one company - The One Glove - that makes just one model, a very good glove that can be had for 21 pounds. There are also a few startup companies, like D-Flekt (www.d-flekt.com), making good, inexpensive gloves.

$100 gloves further exacerbate the problem in the US of football being the sole province of upper middle class kids. The beauty of the game across the rest of the globe is that anyone can play. Here, we've managed to lead it down the same road as tennis and golf. The Uhlsport Absolutgrip Exchange Supportframe Lite is not the only problem, but it doesn't help.