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Buy These Gloves

Written By Justin on Thursday, December 20, 2007 | 10:35:00 PM

You can spend $130 on a pair of gloves. You can, but you shouldn't. If you're a goalkeeper - or a parent of one - on a budget, here are 3 gloves under $50 that I highly recommend.

1. Sells Super4 Comfort Contour
This fantastic glove can be had for $46.95 at www.betweenthesticks.com. The Super4 latex is incredibly sticky and durable in all conditions, and the negative cut palm gives it a snug but comfortable fit.

2. Sells Permagrip Wrap Airflow

Just $32.95 from Between The Sticks, this is a great rollfinger model with good grip and excellent durability. This would be an ideal training glove for intermediate to advanced keepers, or a game glove for younger keepers. Top-notch Sells construction and materials at a ridiculously cheap price.

3. Rinat Global Grip Lite
I haven't tried this glove myself, but a couple of members of The Glove Bag speak very highly of Rinat gloves. The entire Rinat line of gloves and goalkeeper clothing is priced for the budget-minded. These gloves are available from www.soccer.com for $44.95.


Amir said...

I used this guide as part of what made me buy the Sells Super4 Comfort Contour and the Rinats are a good glove from what I've heard as well.

Unknown said...

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